luni, 5 iulie 2021

M3 - Tema 9 - Caiete

1. Open Photoshop
2. Set the size of the project to 296x210 mm and set the resolution to 100
3. Use line tool and press shift to make a perfectly vertical straight line then duplicate the layer and turn that line perfectly horizontal (the line should be either 1px or 3px)
4. Duplicate the horizontal line and do your best to put them at equal distances between each other
5. Save as JPEG and PSD and you should come up with something like this 

vineri, 2 iulie 2021

M3 - Tema 8 - Rama foto


1. Open photoshop
2. Unlock the background into a normal layer and click image and adjust the canvas size to your desired height and width.
3. Click the New fill and adjustment layer and choose whatever color you desire from the color picker (it opens once you click the New fill and adjustment layer)
4. Click the text button and write "In the school garden" and adjust well enough to remain only on the photo and not the border.
5. If you want to make a photo outline, you can just either use the rectangle tool and move it under the photo or you can just add a stroke layer by pressing the fx button

M2 - Tema 14 - Mesaj de avertizare